Corporate Lunch & Learn

Since these Lunch and Learn Programmes are normally scheduled during lunch breaks, the company offers free lunches to encourage employees’ attendance and participation. These programmes are usually voluntary training sessions that must be interesting to make it worthwhile for employees to give up their free time.  Each session may also cover important issues which hopefully, an event that all employees can look forward to.

Corporate Lunch and Learn Programme is a 60 to 120 minutes talk, training or presentation session facilitated during a lunch hour.

From team-building to feeding inspiration, Lunch and Learn Programmes are so easy to organize which costs so little time yet sparks unique conversations with high effectiveness – we consider this as one of our low-hanging fruits that helps move your organization forward!

This programme can be conducted via two modes: face-to-face or virtual LIVE stream via Zoom or MS Teams. What sets this concept apart from other programmes is the accessibility and the structure of this approach which is less formal.

Key Benefits of a Lunch and Learn Programme

But obviously, it is not just about getting together. Lunch and Learn Programmes elevate your mind from the daily problems and gets you thinking about new concepts and ideas related to your organization. By discussing these ideas with your team and employees, you get new perspectives and refreshing conversations that otherwise might not occur.

Here are some of the additional key benefits of our Lunch and Learn Programmes below

  • Lunch and Learn programmes make excellent use of time, which is already limited throughout the day
  • The brief informal setting allows a better channel for understanding and getting the direct point across
  • Group training reinforces the overall company culture
  • Creates critical awareness of issues at hand
  • Effectively introduces any new organizational initiatives
  • Corporate talks boost employee morale
  • Develops and maintains teamwork skills
  • Improves team communication
  • Advances the company’s other training initiatives
  • Provides a level of expertise to be shared amongst other employees
  • Increases the motivation level necessary for fulfilling the organization’s objectives
  • Aids satisfy government and federal legal training requirements

Although the habit is simple, it helps you improve critical functions and skills in any team and, moreover, it strengthens your organization’s culture.

How Do You Do Lunch And Learn Programmes?

When planning your Lunch and Learn Programmes, you can accommodate extra resources to ensure your employees are comfortable to learn. You may consider the following steps to achieve this:

  • Pick compelling and relevant topics
  • Define your organization’s learning objectives
  • Publish the training schedule in advance
  • Try advertising the training by posting flyers or newsletters around the organization, and listing them in the calendars
  • Encourage your employees to present views for work or life-related matters
  • Evaluate your employees’ satisfaction per session and improve the programme accordingly
  • Choose a location that encourages both training and eating
  • Make attendance voluntary and focus on the content that ensures participants expand their professional skills and capabilities to navigate life’s challenges

What Are Some Of The Typical Lunch And Learn Programmes?

  • Training and development on Personal Development to train employees in skills that improve their awareness and identity
  • Training and development on Diversity Activities to provide opportunities to employees to showcase their cross-cultural talents and traditions
  • Training and development on Life Skills to train employees essential life skills which includes retirement planning, income-generating activities, personal finance management such as budgeting and managing investments
  • Training and development on Professional Development to train employees on learning new skills, but at the same time, appreciating the responsibilities of their colleagues’ responsibilities in other departments in an organization
  • Training and development on Cross Training to train employees to perform the roles of another department via cross-trainings, thus increasing their value in the organization and minimizes fatigue associated with performing only one function daily

Popular Lunch and Learn Topics

360 Degree Constructive Feedback Diplomacy & Tact In The Workplace Non-Linear Thinking
Ability To Learn From Criticism Divergent Thinking Office Politics For Managers lunch and learn
Active Listening Skills Diversity Awareness Organizational Skills lunch and learn
Adaptability & Flexibility Dressing For Success Overcome A Fear Of Networking
Adding Value In The Workplace Email Management Overcoming Sales Objections
Adult Learning – Mental Wellness Embracing Change Overcoming The Fear of Networking
Anger Management Emotional Intelligence Performance Management
Appreciative Inquiry Empathy Skills Personal Accountability
Assertiveness And Self-Confidence Employee Motivation Personal Branding
Attention & Time Management Employee Onboarding Personal Productivity
Attitude and Work Ethic Employee Recognition Powers Of Persuasion
Avoiding Procrastination Employee Recruitment Presentation Skills
Basic Influencing Skills Employee Termination Processes Preventing Sexual Harassment at Work
Be More Optimistic Entrepreneurship lunch and learn Prioritising Your Work Effectively
Being A Good Listener Event Planning lunch and learn Problem-Solving
Being A Good Storyteller Executive and Personal Assistants Project Management lunch and learn
Being A Life-Long Learner Facilitation Skills lunch and learn Proposal Writing
Being A Likeable Boss Generation Gaps lunch time talks Prospecting and Lead Generation SEO Strategies lunch and learn
Being Friendly But Staying Professional Giving and Receiving Feedback Public Speaking
Being More Independent at Work Giving Clear Feedback Questioning Skills
Being Politically Correct Goal Setting and Getting Things Done Reframing Training
Being Responsible & Accountable at Work Handling a Difficult Customer Resilience at Work
Body Language Basics Health and Wellness at Work Risk Assessment and Management
Brainstorming High-Performance Teams Inside the Company Safety in the Workplace
Budgets And Financial Reports High-Performance Teams Remote Workforce Sales Fundamentals
Building Great Work Relationships Hiring Strategies Scheduling Yourself
Building Resilience How to Avoid Burnouts At Work Self Confidence
Building Trust In The Workplace How To Build Networks Self-Discipline in The Workplace
Business Acumen How To Handle Criticism Self-Leadership
Business Ethics Human Resource Management Situational Leadership
Business Etiquette Improving Self-Awareness Social Cues
Business Storytelling Improving Your Sensitivity Social Intelligence
Change Management In Person Sales lunch and learn Social Learning
Civility In The Workplace Increasing Your Happiness Social Media In The Workplace
Coaching And Mentoring Increasing Your Self-Awareness Social Media Marketing
Coaching Salespeople Increasing Your Sense of Urgency at Work Streamlining Your Working Day
Collaborative Business Writing Increasing Your Tolerance in The Workplace Stress Management
Communication Strategies Innovation through Blue Ocean Supervising Others
Conducting Annual Employee Reviews Internet Marketing Fundamentals Supply Chain Management
Conflict Resolution Interpersonally Skills Through Building Rapport Tackling New Tasks & Projects
Constructive Thinking Intrapreneurship Taking Initiative
Contact Center Training Keeping A Good Mental Health Talent Management
Contract Management Keeping Yourself On Top of Tasks Team Building for Managers
Conversational Skills Knowledge Management lunch and learn Team Building Through Chemistry
Corporate Workplace Wellness Lateral Thinking Teamwork & Team Building
Creating a Great Webinar Leading Yourself Telephone Etiquette
Creative Problem Solving Lean Process And Six Sigma lunch and learn Telework And Telecommuting
Crisis Management Learning from Failure Ten Soft Skills You Need
Critical Thinking Life Coaching Essentials The Cloud and Business
Cultural Intelligence Logical Reasoning The Importance of Persistence
Cultural Sensitivity In Business Making A Great First Impression The Lost Art of Introspection
Curiosity in The Workplace Making Habits Stick The Power of Routines
Customer Service Manager Management Thinking on Your Feet
Cyber Security Managing Personal Finances Time Awareness
Cyber Wellness Managing Workplace Anxiety Time Management
Data Analytics Skills Managing Your Online Reputation To Do List Characteristics
Dealing With Difficult People Marketing Basics Tolerance of Change & Uncertainty
Dealing With Workplace Anxiety Mastering the Art of Conversation Top 10 Sales Secrets for Non-Sales Professionals
Delivering Constructive Criticism Measuring ROI from Training Effectiveness Trade Show Staff Training
Design and Creative Thinking Media & Public Relations Management Train-The-Trainer
Develop Interpersonal Relationships Meeting Management Understanding Unconscious Biases
Developing a Lunch and Learn Memory Improvement Skills Universal Safety Practices
Developing Charisma Millennial Onboarding Virtual Team Building And Management
Developing Creativity Mind Mapping Win-Win Negotiation
Developing New Managers lunch and learn Motivating Your Team Women in Leadership
Developing Optimistic Thinking Multigenerational Working Work-Life Balance
Diffusing Anger or Negative Emotions Negotiation Skills Workplace Bullying and Harassment
Digital Citizenship lunch and learn Networking Outside the Company Workplace Diversity


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