Cambridge Finance® Certificate in Real Estate Financial Modelling


An exclusive programme offered in collaboration with Cambridge Finance and in line with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) financial modelling competency, this course covers the main topics related to real estate financial modelling in Excel, leading up to the Cambridge Finance Certificate in Real Estate Financial Modelling.

Delegates will learn how to create robust financial models from scratch, from traditional valuation methods to fully bespoke cash flows. As an interactive, hands-on and live course, this certificate will ensure that delegates are able to demonstrate that they can develop and apply property cash flows in Excel in order to provide detailed and reasoned advice on the performance of investment and risks.

Why attend?

  • This course enables the participants to:
    • Construct robust and fully automated multi-tenant property cash flows from scratch.
    • Be able to audit third-party cash flows.
    • Understand how cash flow inputs and outputs are interlinked and how to test for errors.
    • Develop and produce sensitivity and scenario analysis. Be able to give investment recommendation based on quantitative methods.

    Who should attend?

  • Professionals in the industry, particularly analysts in the commercial property investment and capital markets, who need to create financia l models from scratch, analyze them and give investment recommendations.

  • APC candidates on the Property Finance and Investment or on the Commercial Property Pathway who would like to take Financial Modelling as a competency to Level 2 and 3.

  • Real estate professionals who want to advance their financial modelling skills and receive the Cambridge Finance Certificate which is the de-facto gold standard for showing real estate financial modelling skills in your CV.

Cambridge Finance is the only real estate financial modelling training company regulated by the RICS.  Cambridge Finance is  RICS exclusive partners in their real estate finance and investment content development.

This Certificate comprises the following courses:

  • Real Estate Investment & Financial Modelling
  • Real Estate Debt Structures & Financial Modelling
  • Real Estate Financial Modelling Masterclass

How the course is delivered

  • The mode of delivery  is in-class, in-person at the course venue, with the option of participating virtually. Delegates attending virtually will need a second screen to follow the course and do the exercises simultaneously.

Course Information

This course does not have any sections.

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