FM Corporate Learning Central Bank Digital Currencies Masterclass

Central Bank Digital Currencies Masterclass


Tremendous Interest in Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) has grown in response to changes in payments, finance and technology, as well as the disruption caused by Covid-19 pandemic. An increasing number of countries and central banks are assessing CBDCs and will put them into practice.

While CBDC promises increased efficiency and lower costs, improved access to financial services, and greater transparency and accountability in payment systems and financial flows, it also raises new risks and greater technical and regulatory complexity. As importantly, there will be significant business implications for commercial banks, and it’s important that commercial banks do not fall behind and that their business models are kept abreast the latest CBCD developments. So how can commercial banks prepare for the new financial landscape? What are the implications for commercial banks with the emergence of CBDC? How can banks mitigate risks associated with CBDC rollout? How can financial institutions tap on the opportunities created by CBDC? How can commercial banks’ product & service offerings, business models evolve with the CBCD development?

Why attend?

  • Understand CBDC in detail, how it works, its scope, the pros & cons of various models, its impact on the banking system and financial flows, and the implications for monetary systems and commercial banks
  • Evaluate CBDC design considerations, protocols and rationales
  • Find out how you should as a commercial bank redesign your business model and strategy in preparation for the CBDC landscape
  • Gain insights on how you can innovate and develop new products and services capitalizing on opportunities created by CBDC
  • Learn how you can mitigate risks associated with CBDC emergence
  • Hear the various CBDC case studies currently in market, market developments understand the lessons learnt, success factors to ensure you are successful in your strategy

Who should attend?

  • This CBDC Masterclass is specially developed towards delegates across commercial banks & central banks who have a professional interest in CBDC: Are you part of a commercial bank looking to reinvent your business model in preparation for CBDC? Have you been tasked to develop new products & services to tap on the opportunities created by CBDC? Is it part of your job to consider the impact of CBDC on financial stability or banking supervision? Are you entrusted with studying the regulatory and legal aspects of CBDC? Are you representing a central bank which is considering implementing a CBDC project? Or are you working on innovative payment solutions and more efficient payment/financial transaction systems? Maybe you are a service provider advising central & commercial banks on CBDC?
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How the course is delivered

The mode of delivery  is in-class, in-person at the course venue, with the option of participating virtually.



Course Information

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