Corporate Board Effectiveness

A highly effective board is one that clearly articulates the the vision, ethos and values of the company.

Board Effectiveness Course Brochure

It takes full advantage of the board dynamics, has a clarity of purpose, effective chairmanship and a strategic direction. This Corporate Boards Effectiveness Seminar will demonstrate how these aspects can be developed and a high-performing board can set the tone and lead the organization’s strategy most effectively.It is essential training for anyone who works on or with a board of directors, whether it is a board experiencing tough challenges or one that is confident in its own performance. It carefully details the technical aspects of the board evaluation process and explains how to implement a culture of continuous improvement.

Why board effectiveness training?

Across modules, you will be exposed to real-life cases on governance challenges and issues faced centered on peer sharing and learning. Enriched with local anecdotes of board practices and pitfalls, the seminar will help you: – Develop an in-depth comprehension of the scope and key pillars of corporate governance. -Enhance your understanding of the organization’s responsibility to the shareholders value and stakeholders well being. – Gain contemporary perspectives of corporate governance best practices – Effectively manage risk and develop more effective control mechanisms. – Develop an understanding of the legal provisions governing company management and administration. -Master the ability to transform your board into an effective functioning unit. -Enhance leadership skills and develop strategic insight needed to respond to boardroom dynamics – Develop interpersonal skills to enhance board dynamics and create influence with multiple stakeholders

Who should attend this training?

This course will be invaluable to any company that has a board of directors at any stage of development. It is essential training for all company directors, company secretaries, chairmen and chief executives as well as non-executive directors. It will also be of enormous benefit to those who work with a board of directors in an advisory capacity. The seminar is suitable for Board members as well as top management including Managing Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Secretaries to the Boards of Directors, Legal Advisors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Governance executives who envision moving into a director’s role in future.


Participants will be divided into small groups based on their board position and with each group limited to 6participants. Agendas are developed based on direct input from participants. These off-the-record sessions allow for candid, in-depth discussion of critical board issues, challenges, and solutions. Peer Exchanges are available for the following: Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, Nominating/Governance Committee, Lead Directors and Chairmen of the Board, General Counsel. Prior to the seminar, we will solicit input from confirmed participants to develop the most relevant discussion outline for each peer exchange session. Suggested Peer Exchange Discussion Topics Include:

Audit Committee Chairs
  • Reassessing the audit committee’s role in risk oversight
  • New developments in cyber governance
  • Oversight of internal and external auditors

Compensation Committee Chairs

  • Performance-based compensation strategies and metrics
  • CEO Pay – benchmarking peer groups, committee discretion in rewards
  • Comp committees’ expanded oversight into talent development

Nominating/Governance Committee Chairs

  • Board evaluations and processes for director feedback
  • Identifying skill gaps and expanding the pool for director recruitment efforts
  • Onboarding new directors

Lead Directors and Chairmen of the Board

  • CEO succession planning
  • Board’s role in culture oversight
  • Board structure and effectiveness

Corporate Counsel and Corporate Secretaries

  • Role of Counsel/Secretary in board member on boarding and evaluations
  • Dealing with activists and regulators
  • Data protection and cybersecurity training

How the course is delivered

The mode of delivery for Corporate Board Effectiveness is in-class, in-person at the course venue, with the option of participating virtually.

Course Information

This course does not have any sections.


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