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Customer Experience Excellence for Healthcare


Customer / Patient expectations for a seamless and engaging customer experience have increased drastically over the past few years.

Customer experience (CX) in healthcare is how a patient perceives your hospital or health system based on their online and in-person experiences. Healthcare customer experience drives satisfaction, loyalty and have a direct impact on sales. For too many patients, unfortunately, the customer experience with a healthcare provider can certainly improve. There are many reasons for the negative healthcare customer experience bad customer service by administrative, clinical & nursing staff, endless filling of paperwork, long queues and more. Negative healthcare customer experience has significant business consequences. Experience drives patient’s healthcare choices (to the extent they have a choice). Of course, customer choice and mobility in healthcare have often been more limited than in other fields – but that too is changing. Healthcare providers must focus not merely on excellent medical treatment, but also providing a positive experience which will increase patient satisfaction and loyalty – and eventually revenue. Healthcare providers need to design patient experiences just like commercial companies design customer experiences, rather than operating on the traditional provider- and payer- driven approach.

Why attend?

Customer experience, not quality of care, is the main reason that patients complain following an interaction with a healthcare organization. No matter how dynamic customer expectations in healthcare are, they tend to point in one direction: a higher degree of service, quality, and value. Now, how can healthcare providers meet their customers’ wishes and ensure their loyalty?

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"Yes, everyone who interacts with clients, customers, patients should be taken through this course."

Participant / The Nairobi Hospital

This course should be included as an induction process for employees.

Senior Nurse / The Nairobi Hospital

"The training is very informative and I would recommend that the senior management team and hospital doctors go through."

- Patient Experience Coordinator / The Nairobi Hospital


Who should attend?

Customer Experience Excellence for Healthcare is intended for managers and front-line staff & supervisors from private hospitals and healthcare organizations who have responsibilities for commercial & business development, marketing, patient experience, customer service, operations, finance etc., including customer facing medical and nursing staff. Customer experience improvement is an organizational-wide effort and herefore CX awareness should cut across departments within the hospital.

By the end of this 3 days course, the participants will learn how to:
– Inspire the customer experience excellence ‘inside the healthcare organization’

– Developing customer centricity and eliminate silos in hospital’s processes

– Identify and understand important metrics to improve the customer experience

– Apply the 9-step the customer (patient) experience journey mapping technique

– Identify areas of improvement, simplification, and cost containment along the CX journey

– Understand the impact and opportunity of mobile and digital during the CX journey

– What’s next? Gain knowledge about the future of CX.

How the course is delivered

The mode of delivery  is in-class, in-person at the course venue, with the option of participating virtually.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3 DAYS


This course does not have any sections.

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