Data Visualization using Tableau


About the Course 

The Tableau course teaches you how to build visualizations, organize data, and design charts and dashboards to empower more meaningful business decisions. You’ll be exposed to the concepts of Data Visualization, different combo charts, and stories, working with filters, parameters, and sets, and building interactive dashboards.

Target Participants

This course is aimed at professionals who need to analyze and visualize data utilizing using Tableau. 

By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Become an expert on visualization techniques such as heat map, treemap, waterfall, Pareto Understand metadata and its usage
  • Work with Filter, Parameters, and Sets
  • Master special field types and Tableau-generated fields and the process of creating and using parameters
  • Learn how to build charts, interactive dashboards, story interfaces, and how to share your work
  • Master the concepts of data blending, create data extracts and organize and format data
  • Master arithmetic, logical, table, and LOD calculations


Data Preparation using Tableau Prep

Data Visualization
Business Intelligence tools
Introduction to Tableau
Tableau Architecture
Tableau Server Architecture
Data Connection with Tableau Desktop

Features of Tableau Desktop
Connect to data from File and Database
Types of Connections
Joins and Unions
Data Blending
Tableau Desktop User Interface
Basic project: Create a workbook and publish it on Tableau Online
Basic Visual Analytics

Basic Charts: Bar Chart, Line Chart, and Pie Chart
Data Granularity
Calculations in Tableau

Types of Calculations
Built-in Functions (Number, String, Date, Logical and Aggregate)
Operators and Syntax Conventions
Table Calculations
Level of Detail (LOD) Calculations
Advanced Visual Analytics

Tool tips
Trend lines
Reference lines
Geographic Visualizations in Tableau

Introduction to Geographic Visualizations
Manually assigning Geographical Locations
Types of Maps
Spatial Files
Custom Geocoding
Polygon Maps
Web Map Services
Advanced Charts in Tableau

Box and Whisker’s Plot
Bullet Chart
Bar in Bar Chart
Gantt Chart
Waterfall Chart
Pareto Chart
Control Chart
Funnel Chart
Bump Chart
Step and Jump Lines
Word Cloud
Donut Chart
Dashboards and Stories

Introduction to Dashboards
The Dashboard Interface
Dashboard Objects
Building a Dashboard
Dashboard Layouts and Formatting
Interactive Dashboards with actions
Designing Dashboards for devices
Exploring Tableau Online

Publishing Workbooks to Tableau Online
Interacting with Content on Tableau Online
Data Management through Tableau Catalog
AI-Powered features in Tableau Online (Ask Data and Explain Data)
Understand Scheduling
Managing Permissions on Tableau Online
Data Security with Filters in Tableau Online
In person, or online, with live instructor

Course Information

Estimated Time: 5 DAYS


Course Instructor

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