Enhancing Accountability, Credibility and Transparency of Donor Funded Projects


The main challenge of Donor-Funded Projects is to work towards social objectives while making sure finances and funds are managed effectively in accordance with the donor’s requirements. As such, the financial planning and management in Non-Government Organization (NGO) lies in achieving its overall goals and objectives namely:  being accountable to the donors, securing future, eliminating fraud and theft, making productive decisions, enhancing credibility, and strengthening fundraising efforts.

This highly practical training is designed to promote accountability, credibility, and transparency of periodic donor – funded/ NGO projects with a great emphasis in improving delegates competency in Financial Accounting and Project Finance.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Implement institutional and oversight arrangements for proper performance management and accountability
  • Properly manage people, processes, and systems in line with the donor-funded programs
  • Efficiently perform internal controls, including but not limited to finance, governance, and compliance requirements
  • Mitigate operational fiduciary and financial risks
  • Effectively and efficiently use the funding provided for the intended purposes
  • Communicate periodic, accurate financial reports

This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Board level members who wish to develop their understanding of Donor -funded projects
  • Auditing Professionals working with NGO
  • Corporate governance directors
  • Internal auditors
  • Corporate compliance officials
  • Professionals seeking to develop their understanding of the NGO financial management
  • Public sector finance and accounting personnel
Day One: Introduction to Donor-Funded Financial Management

Definition of donor funds projects
Introduction to Financial management of donor funds projects
Objectives of donor funds
Understanding Financial Statements for donor funds projects
Interpretation and Analysis of Financial Statements
Day Two: Costing and Budgeting of Donor Funded Projects

Costing in Donor Funded projects
Marginal, Absorption and Activity Based Costing
Management of Accounting & Decision making
Types of budgets and work plan
Investment appraisal and capital budgeting
Key steps of Budget reporting and Internal Controls
Day Three: Donor Funds Management

Defining the legal provision of a Donor
General Withdrawals Arrangement
Break-Even Analysis
Managing Donor Funds reporting
Procurement of Goods, Works and Services
Accounts and Audit
Day Four: Project Management

Defining the donor funded project cycle management
Planning & scheduling
Project Monitoring & Evaluation and Reporting
Evaluation of international aid programs
Critical path and network analysis
Day Five: Risk Management, Governance and Regulatory Disclosures

Regulatory compliance requirements
Financial reporting and independent audits
Understanding accountability, Probity & Transparency for Donor Funded Projects
Governance and anti-corruption
Fraud prevention and detection
Internal control policies & procedures
Risk monitoring and control and control frameworks

Option of joining In-person, or online, with live instructor.

Participants will receive a thorough training on the modules covered by the seminar outline with the course leader utilizing a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques. Seminar methodology includes classroom style with highly interactive, exercise and case studies the training course will be run using PowerPoint slide and video.

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