First Time Manager Training


What is First Time Manager Training?

First Time Manager training is designed to empower staff members who have recently been promoted into managerial roles.  Staff who are transitioning from the role of being an individual contributor to a role with managerial responsibilities. Equipping first time managers is key as productivity is heavily dependent on the capability of these managers to handle the front line staff and operations. First Time Manager Training is especially important as a significant number of people are being promoted into the position of a manager without any prior managerial experience.

Our first time manager training program is carried out in an environment which encourages trainees to practice the skills that are taught. We use a number of training methods including simulations with feedback and group exercises to enhance the learning process.

First Time Managers Program Outline

The Mindset of a Leader:

  • Transitioning from team member to team manager
  • Dealing with former peers
  • The characteristics of an effective leader
  • The responsibilities of a manager
  • ‘Thinking like a manager’

Managing Up and Managing Down:

  • Managing team members
  • Managing managers

Coaching and Development:

  • The importance of coaching and feedback
  • Phases of Coaching
    • Preparation
    • Engagement
    • Constructive Feedback
    • Dealing with Obstacles
    • Action plans for improvement
    • Follow Up
  • Motivation & Coaching
  • Performance dialogues

Prioritizing Work:

  • Managing time
  • Prioritizing the To-do list
  • The art of delegation

Building and Managing High Performance Teams:

  • Understanding team dynamics

How the course is delivered

In-person and online, with live instructor

Course Information

This course does not have any sections.

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