Mining Business & Operations Masterclass


The 5 Day Mining Business & Operations Course provides an engaging and informative overview of the entire mining life cycle including geology, mineral exploration, financing, feasibility studies, mining and environmental applications.

The course is a must attend for new or existing executives in the mining value chain who desire to strengthen their understanding of both the commercial and  technical aspects of the sector in order to develop a wider and deeper understanding of how a mining organization works and delivers value to its stakeholders.

What you will learn….

  • Gain a thorough understanding of mining.
  • Understand the stages in the life of a mine.
  • Learn about the different types of mining studies.
  • Find out how to justify exploration expenditure.
  • Navigate a complex regulatory world of the mining sector.
  • Understand mining equipment options.
  • Explore mining financial statements.
  • Negotiate large mining contracts.

Who Should Attend

Government and regulators involved with the mining industry.
Executives wishing to increase their understanding of strategic processes and CSR in the mining sector.
Management of mining companies, investors, bankers, lawyers, engineers and industry suppliers wanting to broaden their overall understanding of the mining sector.
Individuals involved with contracts, Legal and HR in the mining industry.

Introduction to Mining
Unique characteristics of the mining sector
Phases of a mine
Exploitation / processing
Early methods
Modern Prospecting
Justifying exploration expenditure
Desktop studies
Imagery (GIS)
Geochemical and geophysical surveys
Deposit and resource modelling
Different types of ore bodies
Levels of mineral studies
Scoping level
Pre-feasibility and feasibility
Planning parameters
Case study: Reserves
Quantification and interpretation
Methods of data gathering
Quality parameters
Path of reserves/resource generation
Mining Codes
Mine Development & Mining Methods
Surface mining methods
Design, drill and blast, load and haul and equipment
Underground mining methods
Development, production, ground support, and ventilation
Equipment selection
Comparative Cost analysis
ROM and product ore recovery
Process design and development
Mine Exploitation
Technical and non-technical
LOM ongoing planning
Key Performance indicators
Weekly monitoring
Grade Control
Life Extensions
Site services and equipment
Layout / restoration / rehabilitation
Monitoring reclamation
Legal closure certificate and contingent Liabilities
Finance & Economics
Basics of Modelling
Scenario building
Capex requirements
Sales assumptions – Monte Carlo simulation
Capex Timing
Equipment financing options
Typical Mining ratios in financial statements
Economic evaluation
Ownership versus leasing
Justifying exploration expenditure
Evaluate the ore body
Simple cost ranking techniques
Incremental cost ranking
Case study: Evaluation of exploration projects
Capital & Risk Mitigation
Capital expenditure and risk reduction
Delaying capital expenditure
Case study: Capital requirements
Mining Equipment optimization
Average cost ranking of material Movement
Surge bins and storage
Exploring mining financial statements
The Profit and Loss (P/L)
The balance sheet
The cash flow statement
Case study: Mining and reporting
Economic evaluation
Commodity specific approach to valuation
Modelling key economic parameters
Risk versus uncertainty
Raising funds
Debt / equity / project finance
Mining legal issues
Overview of mining permits
Critical EPCM provisions
Confidentiality, NDAs and exclusivity
MOUs, MOAs farm-in and shareholders’ agreements
Commodity loans
Due diligence, mining leases,directors, company history, project(s) and internal approvals, delegation of authority
Choosing a jurisdiction
ICC provisions
Force majure
Contractual dispute resolution, arbitration and mediation
First right of refusal
Joint ventures
Unincorporated versus incorporated joint ventures
Operational joint ventures
Essentials of a sale agreement
Point of sale
Contract options
Form and measure
Negotiating exercise

Review and end of training

Option of joining In-person, or online, with live instructor.

Participants will receive a thorough training on the modules covered by the seminar outline with the course leader utilizing a variety of proven learning teaching and facilitation techniques. Seminar methodology includes classroom style with highly interactive, exercise and case studies the training course will be run using PowerPoint slide and video.

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 5 DAYS

Course Instructor

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