Sexual Abuse in Workplaces – Awareness and Prevention

Recently, a large multinational in the agriculture sector with operations in East Africa was in the news for the wrong reasons. An investigative documentary by an international

Adaptability in the workplace: Defining and improving this key skill

No matter what your job is or how long you’ve been doing it, adaptability is an important skill to have. In fact, adaptability is one

Communication Survey

The purpose of this survey is to determine your vulnerability to being a source of communication failure. Answer the questions as honestly as possible. Respond

Leadership Skills Questionnaire

Please go to Leadership Skills Questionnaire to view the test

Lessons in Leadership: Foresight

President Paul Kagame went to COP27 to sell his country’s green investment opportunities packaged under the “Ireme Invest” facility as promoted by Rwanda Green Fund

What can CEOs learn from Labor Strikes?

Recently, pilots at one of Africa’s largest and most visible airlines, Kenya Airways issued a strike notice. After the expiry of the notice period the


Work from anywhere (WFA) is a flexible approach to working, where a company or organization empowers their employees to work productively and autonomously from anywhere,

Successful Teams – Is your’s amongst?

Do you lead an effective and successful team? Or is the team that you are part of successful in achieving goals and objectives? The following

A managers’ leadership abilities

As those in the business of developing managers and leaders, we talk to a lot of people who are in the throes of mastering many

Traits of a Progressive Manager

A progressive manager is a leader in an organization who doesn’t conform to conventional or traditional thinking on management, instead opting to look for innovative

Upcoming: Corporate Boards Peer Learning, Marrakesh, Morocco

A highly effective board is one that clearly articulates the the vision, ethos and values of the company. It takes full advantage of the board

Collaboration with IU University of Applied Science

We have concluded a  cooperation partnership with  IU University of Applied Science. The aim of the cooperation is to extend global reach and impact, making