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We work and empower organizations, both from the private and public sector with learning and skills development services. Here’s a glimpse of some of our past success stories.

Improving Public Sector Performance and Service Delivery

Open public course

Client Profile: Senior civil servants drawn from various African governments, with administrative, human resources and public sector performance and efficiency and service delivery responsibilities drawn from 7 African countries.

Problem Statement: Efficiency within a public sector organization is influenced by numerous factors, including the successful implementation of good governance and controls for key management practices, the nature of provided services, and the forces, whether market-driven or otherwise, to which the organization must adapt.

In contrast to the private sector’s focus on bottom-line profitability, where efficiency reviews are commonplace to enhance financial performance, the public sector operates under a different set of objectives. Rather than a singular focus on profitability, public sector entities pursue multiple goals aligned with political and social aims, such as economic growth, fiscal responsibility, poverty reduction, service accessibility, and environmental protection. The pursuit of these objectives can sometimes conflict with efforts to maximize efficiency.

Solution: 5 day intensive and interactive training program. Facilitated by an experienced former civil servant and academic, the course explored the challenges and opportunities in improving service delivery and efficiency of the civil service, within the context of Africa, borrowing from best practices from several regions of the world.

Outcome: While efficiency remains crucial for public sector organizations, achieving it involves navigating a complex landscape shaped by diverse objectives and distinct challenges not typically encountered in private sector settings. The course equipped participants with the knowledge and skills for navigating the complex ecosystem – political, social and professional,  in the public sector in the quest for improved efficiency and service delivery.


In-House Tender / Bid Response Training

In-House Tender / Bid Response Training

Client Profile:  Our client, a medium size business was in the process of expanding its tendering department, as part of its strategy to increase the volume of business by participating in invitation to tender by private and government departments.

Problem Statement: Having hired new employees, the client needed the new hires trained on tender / bid response, including the framework governing procurement by tender, including the legal framework of public procurement in Kenya.

Solution: As part of the brief, we designed and delivered tender/bid response training for departmental staff.

Outcome: Improved understanding of the tendering process and staff members who are well equipped to manage the whole bid response process in order to produce the most responsive bids.

Re-onbording for Managers for a Leading Pharma Company

Country: Kenya

Client Profile:  Signature Healthcare is a leading pharmaceutical distribution company. Believing that everyone has a right to a long and quality life,  the company strives to increase the accessibility and affordability of key, quality pharmaceutical products  by increasing its  reach nationally and throughout Africa. The company was named as the SME of the Year by the Kenya Institute of Management. Other awards won by the company include and award of excellence for improving access to essential medicines during the Quality Healthcare Awards in 2021. The company’s obsession with quality and continuous improvement  has led to ISO 9001 certification. Its pharma operations are WHO-GMP certified, while its business operations are housed in a green, energy efficient EDGE certified office and warehousing complex.

Problem Statement: The company needed to on-board and  re-onboard its entire management team, including newly hired, and promoted managers.  The re-boarding exercise was required to take all managers  through another set of onboarding sessions that offer a refresher on culture, company’s mission, values, and procedures. and a chance to ask questions about workplace norms that may have changed so far. The  re-onboarding  exercise was also required for managers to nurture their existing connection to the organization and with each other.

Solution: We designed, facilitated an engaging re-onboarding session for all managers, including the development of content, facilitation and exercises.

Outcome: A more cohesive management team that is upto date with company culture, company mission, values, procedures, goals and ambitions. A more connected management team with each other and to the organization

Customer Experience Upskilling for Leading Hospital in East Africa


Country: Kenya

Client Profile: The Nairobi Hospital is a non-profit organization that is leading in medical expertise and service provision, with deservedly earned recognition throughout East Africa and beyond as an advanced diagnostic, treatment and referral centre. Investment in the latest technology and medical equipment has seen the hospital establish leadership in medical procedures both in Kenya and beyond.

Problem Statement: As part of the effort to ensure patients receive the best possible experience at every touchpoint, the hospital continuously trains its staff to deliver the best care for patients and interactions with internal and external stakeholders. In this regard, we were retained to design and deliver Customer Experience (CXE)  – “patient experience” training for select staff from different departments at the hospital.

Solution: We designed and delivered an immersive, in person, CXE program for the hospital. Thoughtfully conceived and specific content, was developed to give front-line staff a deeper understanding of the impact of their performance on patient experience,

Services: scoping, developing and designing the training material.  Delivering training for the target group across the continuum of care.

Outcome: Improved awareness of individual responsibility towards the overall experience of patients, internal and external stakeholders.

Sales Training for a Building Materials Group


Country: Kenya

Client Profile: Mabati Rolling Mills Limited (MRM) is the largest company within the Safal Group, and was its founding operation, commencing in 1962 at Mariakani, near Mombasa Kenya. The company is the leading manufacturer and supplier of building solutions in Kenya. MRM was the first company in Africa to produce coated steel using a patented Aluminium-Zinc alloy recognized as the leading technology worldwide to deliver superior service life to steel. This technology is licensed to the Safal Group by BIEC International and is branded ZincAl. MRM has an integrated Coated steel facility at Mariakani producing world class Coated and Painted Coated Steel products from which it manufactures a plethora of prestigious building solutions in its facilities across Kenya. MRM has service centers located in Nairobi (off Mombasa road), Kitengela, Thika, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, Mombasa, Kisumu, Kisii, Meru and Nyeri. These centres avail customized building solutions to consumers. We also have a vast Distributor network across the country to ensure timely deliveries and availability of products to the market.

Problem Statement: Management desired an improvement in seller skills, knowledge, and attributes to drive seller behavioral change and maximize sales success, across the national distribution network.

Solution: We designed and delivered a sales training program, tailored for the building and construction sector, with the company’s products and services as reference points and delivered training to over 50 sales and customer facing employees within the entire sales network of the company conducted over a period of 1 month. Training included a review common objections raised by clients and practice handling them in live drills, such as role-playing exercises.

Services: skills gap analysis, scoping, developing and designing the training material and delivering training for the target group.


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