Problem Solving

This 24-item scale assesses problem-solving ability by examining the frequency of use of the following skills that are needed to engage in problem-solving:

1. Identify/Define the Problem
2. Analyze Possible Causes or Assumptions
3. Identify Possible Solutions
4. Select Best Solution
5. Implement the Solution
6. Evaluate Progress and Revise as Needed

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1. When I have a problem, I first figure out exactly what the problem is.


2. I try to get all the facts before trying to solve a problem.


3. When I have a problem, I look at what is and what should be.


4. I look ahead and try to prevent problems before they happen.


5. When faced with a problem, I wait to see if it will go away.


6. I look at a problem from many different viewpoints


7. I keep an open mind about what caused a problem.


8. When faced with a problem, I try to determine what caused it.


9. When solving a problem, I do the first thing that comes into my head.


10. I look at the likely results for each possible solution.


11. When solving a problem, I look at all possible solutions.


12. When I have a problem, I do what I have done in the past to solve it.


13. I try to look at the long term results of each possible solution.


14. When comparing solutions, I look how each solution will affect the people involved.


15. When I am solving a problem, I choose the easiest solution.


16. I compare each possible solution with the others to find the best one to solve my problem.


17. After putting my solution into action, I forget about it.


18. After choosing a solution, I put it into action.


19. After selecting a solution, I think about it for a while before I put it into action.


20. I tend to doubt my decision after it has been made.


21. If my solution is not working, I will try another solution.


22. Once I carry out a solution, I never look back.


23. When a solution is not working, I try to figure out what is wrong.


24. Once I have solved a problem, I step back to see how my solution is working.


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