Self Assessment: Communication

The purpose of this survey is to determine your vulnerability to being a source of communication failure.

Answer the questions as honestly as possible. Respond as how you see yourself today as a communicator. Indicate how frequently you engage in the following behaviors when communicating with another person or other people. Use this scale to describe your behavior;
– “I constantly do this”
– “I frequently do this”
– “I occasionally do this”
– “I infrequently do this”
– “I at no time do this”

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1. When I share something with my friends, I am open and honest about what I am sharing.


2. I think before I speak because I am aware of how words may not mean the same thing to other people that they do to me.


3. I understand that sometimes the message the other person is sending may not be the same one I am receiving.


4. Before I communicate, verbally or non-verbally, I fully understand who my receiver is and how my message might affect his or her reception of my


5. As I communicate to someone, I am looking for cues that my message is being perceived as I intend it to be received.


6. I make my messages as precise and to the point as possible.


7. I use jargon with those who may not understand it.


8. I deliberately avoid the use of slang words and idioms with those who may be offended by them.


9. I try not to use words that might cause an emotional response that may distress or confuse the receiver of my message.


10. I recognize that how I say something is just as important as what I say.


11. I examine my communication intellect to determine what nonverbal messages I send and how well they imitate the meaning I wish to get


12. I carefully consider the method of delivery for my message: a face-to-face meeting, over the telephone or in writing. Which would be best understood
by my receiver?


13. I form opinions about what others say to me based on what I hear them saying rather than what I think of them as a person.


14. I make an honest effort to listen to ideas with which I don’t agree.


15. I look for ways to expand my listening skills.


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