Self Assessment: Time Management

Use this self-assessment to get you thinking about your current strengths and areas that have potential for improvement.

Read each of the statements and record how often you do each. You’ll be able to score and benchmark yourself at the end of the self-assessment.

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1. I schedule time for planning


2. I focus on the most urgent tasks


3. I break complex tasks into small steps.


4. When given a new task, I evaluate my ability to meet the deadline


5. I feel anxious about meeting deadlines


6. I take work home


7. I find myself asking for extensions to deadlines in order to complete a task


8. I prioritize my ‘to-do’ list


9. I allow buffer time in my schedule to deal with the unexpected


10. I find my plans are hindered by interruptions


11. I focus on tasks that are aligned to my longer-term goals


12. I delegate tasks that can be done by others


13. I enjoy quality time with my family and friends


14. I put off tasks that aren’t important


15. I work more than 40 hours a week


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