Improving Public Sector Performance and Service Delivery

Open public course

Client Profile: Senior civil servants drawn from various African governments, with administrative, human resources and public sector performance and efficiency and service delivery responsibilities drawn from 7 African countries.

Problem Statement: Efficiency within a public sector organization is influenced by numerous factors, including the successful implementation of good governance and controls for key management practices, the nature of provided services, and the forces, whether market-driven or otherwise, to which the organization must adapt.

In contrast to the private sector’s focus on bottom-line profitability, where efficiency reviews are commonplace to enhance financial performance, the public sector operates under a different set of objectives. Rather than a singular focus on profitability, public sector entities pursue multiple goals aligned with political and social aims, such as economic growth, fiscal responsibility, poverty reduction, service accessibility, and environmental protection. The pursuit of these objectives can sometimes conflict with efforts to maximize efficiency.

Solution: 5 day intensive and interactive training program. Facilitated by an experienced former civil servant and academic, the course explored the challenges and opportunities in improving service delivery and efficiency of the civil service, within the context of Africa, borrowing from best practices from several regions of the world.

Outcome: While efficiency remains crucial for public sector organizations, achieving it involves navigating a complex landscape shaped by diverse objectives and distinct challenges not typically encountered in private sector settings. The course equipped participants with the knowledge and skills for navigating the complex ecosystem – political, social and professional,  in the public sector in the quest for improved efficiency and service delivery.



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