Communication for Customer Service & Administration in Hospital & Healthcare Environments


In hospitals and healthcare environments, customer service, patient experience coordinators or healthcare administrators, or whatever name you may assign to the role, are often the first point of contact for clients and their families and often are the liaison between healthcare professionals and specialists and health care providers or hospitals, on one hand and the client/patient on the other.

Therefore, communication is an essential competency both customer service / patient experience, between non medical and medical professionals working as a team to deliver the best experience for the patient / customers. This program includes real life communication scenarios in the hospital set up, between the patient / client, as they interact with mostly non-medical staff, before the opportunity to see medical staff or doctor, with a view of creating awareness on the role communication plays, from the perspective of the patient / client, in creating the best the patient experience in hospitals and healthcare environments.

Why attend?

Improve communication in the hospital and healthcare environment to impact the experience  of patients, customers, employees and stakeholders (internal & external). Improved communication between medical and non-medical professionals, among customer service and patient experience agents, hospital administrators and managers, in turn lead to a wonderful experience for patients / customers.

Who should attend?

Customer service managers, patient experience agents, administrators and executives from patient / customer facing departments from hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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